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Writing Sites

Reading & Free eBooks

Looking for oldies-but-goodies from ancient Greek Classics to modern 20th century classics?  Visit Blaskmask Online and check their extensive listings in their Free eBook Library. Five different download formats available.

Eva Almeida has a number of excellent directories and guides for ebook readers and writers, including:
The e-Books Portal
Resources For e-Book Authors

a unique literature search engine with extensive resources for writers and readers. invites you to submit your ebooks for inclusion in their ebook publishing and marketing resource directory.

Absolute Authority on Electronic Books, hosted by Earl H. Roberts, has neatly divided sub-topic categories that make it easy  to find anything ebook related.

CJB's LitLinks offers a handpicked, eclectic selection of book and magazine-related sites.

Mind Like Water has a large selection of free fiction books available on the net, all sorted by genre.

The Free Directory of Independent Writers and Artists

Literary Leaps
, thousands of links to book-related sites, arranged by category and searchable by key words.

 WordSpinner's Ink (Inkies)
The Inkies are a long time online writing group.  I've been a member since this group's GEnie days.  You'll find some of the most skilled, helpful writers on the net there).

Fiction Factor offers aspiring writers tips and advice on getting published, articles on the craft and business of writing, free ebooks, current paying markets, lots of writer's resources and much more.

Electric Pen is dedicated to and for writers of web-based fiction, providing a place to link your story, ezine, or writing resource and is open to all.

Free The Writer publishes the written word of the amateur writer. The site's motto is "Get writing. Get read. Get recognised."

If you're looking for a friendly community of writers, great info on POD, eBooks or Independent Traditional Publishers, visit  Not The Usual Way, an Independent Authors Community.  

Hopeful Writers can find writers' information, markets and tips at The Rejection Slip.  Don't forget to check out their useful newsletters (links are midway down home page).

WriteXcite allows writers from all over the world to work on stories and poetry together. Very nicely designed site.

SharpWriter.Com has everything--writer's resources, articles, links, reviews and interviews.

Flaming Horse Studios
, Alan Holmans Personal Chalkboard,  is not your average writer's group.  Quite original and funny.  They accept submissions; free upload; message board.. 

Books Just Wanna be Free!
A truly unique way to trade books--read a book, register it at BookCrossings, then release it for someone to find and then find new treasures of your own. Great for avid readers!

Read and exchange book reviews at The Book Collective, an online forum dedicated to book lovers! If you're not a Delphi member, you can visit as a guest or register free.

Free Novels Online is a nicely organized site with lots of tidbits and links to free online novels ; includes The Undivided by Colin Woodcock, the webmaster's own novel.

StoriesMania:   The Fiction Portal For You

Electric Pen is dedicated to and for writers of web-based fiction. Easy to navigate and stuffed to its cyber rafters with great fiction, Electric Pen is a reader's goldmine.

Lisa's Book Reviews . . . she reads . . . she reviews . . . she reports. You'll appreciate her ratings which range from "better I read this than you" to "worth an all-nighter."

If you love reading classics, then The Classic BookShelf  is a perfect starting place.  Their adjustable, easy to read ebook format will make reading your favorite classic a pleasure.

Free Novels and Stories, part of Interlinks: Your Road Map To Free Stuff on the Internet, offers several links to free online reading.

East of the Web, has a list of short story links categorized by topic to make it easy for you.

Want a free book?  Visit and enter their book giveaway contests.

Dream Into Paradise hosts free poetry and stories.  Please take the time to visit some of the links on lupus awareness.

Not only does The Gloob intrigue with its name, it also provides interesting reading in an easy to navigate fashion.  Well worth a visit. 

Other Free Novels Online

More Free Novels Online

Self Publishing Sites

The Italian-American Press offers a free download of Child of Wonder by Ralph Ferraro, an inspiring e-novel about self-acceptance, understanding, and love.

Darragh Hewat's lovely online presentation of his children's book
Sellotape & Spiders, the first collection of stories about Dolly Daydream and Hubert, her grumpy cat, is wonderful.  Give it a try!

Patina and The Fallen Angels, a psychological love story set in Australia during the Vietnam / hippy era. Word 97 format, downloadable as zip file.

Heroes and Legends, a serial fantasy by Mike Monroe.  The author adds a new installment every business day, so bookmark and check back frequently.

Caterina Christakos offers a free ebook download on How To Write A Children's Book.  While there, take a look at her page dedicated to helping the Arthritis Foundation.

Among other little writing gems, The BlueBook Project contains two full-length novels that readers might enjoy.

Ray Laing offers a free, full-length gay romance, Men, a romantic, funny and interesting love story.

If you enjoy stories set in Ancient Sumeria, James W. Bell has a large selection to browse and read.

Forever Paris, a high fashion romance novel by Raquel Marsh, is full-length and free for online reading.

Jack Brackitt offers a funny look at one year in the life of a Chicago family with his free ebook Mom Letters in pdf and MS Reader formats.

America's Guts, a free novel by Tiller James, answers the question, Will America have the guts to stand up to terrorism? with a resounding You bet!

Email us if you have a free, full-length novel online!  If it's interesting and well-written, we'll be happy to let our readers know about it.

Bad Grammar is an online showcase for fiction authors who self-publish. Interesting how-to info on creating your own books.

Wendy Jensen's site offers her own books, readers' links, and useful information for writers interested in self-publishing. 

Darragh Hewat self-produced and published his children's book Sellotape & Spiders as an online book.  Very pleasing graphically, easy to read.    

Author Sites


Audrey Shaffer, Author and Editor offers a great newsletter for readers that has kindly included a review of Uluru Dreaming recently.  She also offers samples of her own work you may enjoy reading!


InkSpin Fiction WebZine
A bi-annual webzine featuring work by WordSpinner's Ink (Inkies) writers.  Includes submissions guidelines for their upcoming issues.  While there, check out the Inkies online writing group, too.  (Editor's note:  I've been a member since this group's GEnie days.  You'll find some of the most skilled, helpful writers on the net there).

Audrey Shaffer's Newsletter is new, but promises to be filled with interesting links and warm, anecdotal articles.  While there, check her My Writing page as well.

Eclectic Tastes, an ezine, could be placed under almost any category in this list.  The topics are many, varied and interesting.  Each category has numerous links.  A dedicated surfer could spend the day here exploring! 



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