Speculative Fiction

Field Of Reeds
Andrew Starling

The inventor of an electronic method of measuring the human soul disappears.  George Stiles, owner of Foxglove, the software company backing and funding the discovery, rehires his ex-security chief and former best friend, Spencer de Gresseur to track the man down.  While Spencer battles his alcoholism and the fact that his ex-girlfriend has married George, a cold-blooded killer is murdering everyone involved in the mysterious Balloons Projects.

Caught up in events that mirror the judgment scenes of the world's major religions, Spencer faces a finale in which the Egyptian Book of the Dead becomes all too real.  An intriguing mystery for those who enjoy a fast-paced mix of religion, computers, and spy thrillers. 

Rating:  Adult readers, please.  Graphic violence at times.

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Andrew Starling is a Web developer, consultant and writer based in the UK. His special interests are usability and security.  He has been Managing Editor of the Web Developer's Journal for internet.com and Technology Editor of the UK's Internet Magazine. He also writes technical articles for the magazine and for internet.com.

Right now he spends most of his time working on a novel featuring artificial intelligence.  He also enjoys writing poetry when he has the time, but generally ends up writing about the Internet instead.  The pay's a lot better.

His own Web sites are Foxglove.co.uk and Tinhat.com. Foxglove is a satirical site and was chosen as the Mirror newspaper site of the day back in August 2000. It's also home to most of his fiction writing. Tinhat offers an introduction to Internet security and privacy for regular Web users, not just techies. If you're interested in seeing his Web journalism, here's a hyperlinked list of articles.

Andrew Starling


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