Speculative Fiction

The Bad Flu
by Richard Allen Stotts

A defective batch of flu vaccine makes thousands of California school children ill.  Ironically, it also protects them against a variant flu virus that later leaves them the only humans alive after the pandemic slays mankind.  

Nine adults orbiting earth also survive, but are too far away to help the children  left alone on earth. How do children cope in a world without electricity or even microwave popcorn? How do they survive without adults to guide and protect them?  

Rating:  General audience.  A great read for all ages.

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I am an actual native of California, living most of my life in and around what is now known as Silicon Valley. I served in the Air Force during the Vietnam mess, but was safely behind a desk in the Philippines and suffered only a few nasty paper cuts while planeloads of the wounded arrived daily at the base hospital.  My varied hobbies include digital photography, cursing at computers and (gasp!) target shooting. I am a hopeless ‘gear head.’

I have started writing rather late in life, asking myself "How hard could it be?"  I have found out that it is very hard indeed. My main failing is a lack of patience with filling in the many details that flesh out characters and settings; I think the reader’s imagination does a better job of that anyway.

I always welcome comments and critical words, anything short of actual death threats, that is.

Richard Allen Stotts




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